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Submitted on
October 4, 2013


14 (who?)

A Friday Night Feature

Fri Oct 4, 2013, 6:26 PM

Because things just got worse.
And I'm hoping so much it hurts.

So have a feature.
Does anyone know if mentions are now open for everyone?
Because notifying everyone through comments will get me temporarily blocked.


Halloween 2013 by Onikaizer the first raini swung my dragon head back
and swallowed the sweltering sky
and i swear it tasted just like strawberry wine
and the sillage of summer being left behind
Sunny bee by margiel Venom by justkalia Shedding SkinSomeday I'll be cured,
I'll shed my skin
Be new.
Someday I'll be found,
I'll stop being lost
And live.
Someday I'll be free,
Show off my arms
Scars faded.
Someday I'll be known,
For my troubling fight
For freedom.
Today I'm in pain,
The wish to harm
beats hope.
Someday I'll be cured,
I'll shed my skin
Be new.
Skyrim - FUS RO DAH_ by MehHappy will he dance on the cord...? by clochartist-photo Autobiographyi.
Sunny days become dark,
he laughs at the word no. I 
want it bad. Disgusting, a mistake-
Decayed tears dance 
along blurred lines of skins
red with intention. So proud-
Too stressed. Must eat. 
Bad. No, no, no, take  
everything out. Better-
Landscaped with fat, reading 
books about lightening bolt scars. 
Nothing works, still so sad.  Recovery-
InsomniaWhirlpools of butterflies,
Kaleidoscopic, chaotic tunnels
Adorning solemn eyes,
Steele of slate, of raging oceans,
Grasping sinking islands
While corrosive souls salute.
Sinews of diamond
Strung on scarlet ribbons,
Rivers meandering infinitely,
Barren, alkaline, limping
Beyond unimaginable potential.
Quests for revenge
In an unjust world,
Fall silent on the wind.
Breath as fumes
Of countless charred remains,
To salvage only a glint
Of former, glorious intricacies.
Silken threads
Weaving gallant tapestries,
Wars, battles, love and loss,
Smudged, defiled, fading…
Blessings sing
Defiled creatures
Of the shadows.
Beaten, broken,
Learn to survive
Awesome terrors,
Spoilt reflections,
Cracks clearly visible
In fiery morning glow.
Peace to the forgotten,
Hopeful yet despairing,
Awaiting golden keys,
Saviours of the damned,
Recovering wounds,
Irrelevant spectres from a legend era.
Flutterings of Orange by Anne-de-Connaissance
<da:thumb id="404793888"/> <da:thumb id="404794321"/> I guess I loved youLooking back now I feel no regrets
I guess I loved you
It’s just impossible to forget
I guess I loved you
You know time does not mend
I guess I loved you
Every beginning has its end
I guess I loved you
I took first step to finally move forward
I guess you never loved me
Heart is pounding, veins are throbbing
I guess you never loved me
One last note that I’m still holding
I guess you never loved me
And I finish with myself being lonely
I guess you never loved me
Let these tears subside completely
I guess I loved you
Let me whisper this to you discreetly
I guess I loved you
And I will move away, believe me
I guess I loved you
Just one last kiss before it kills me
I guess… I guess I loved you
<da:thumb id="404861150"/> Everything You Do is a BalloonThe infrastructures were unsustainable.
Val's radio spit static.
Those broad white houses swayed
and I couldn't hear what she had said,
though her fingers were scurrying
alongside chatter,
wide emphatic stretches
and gaudy yellow nail polish.
But it extended beyond matter.
The Calsag River was made
of gasoline and skylights.
Griffin rolled a loose blunt with
papers Michelle found in her bedroom,
pushed under a stack of gardening magazines
her mother stored in the closet.
“The garage is full,”
but I couldn’t remember who had said it
until Griffin took a hit and I recognized
the twitch in his upper lip,
a faint tremor between his teeth.
And there it was.
Green, new.
I was so narcissistic
that I became possessive of every atom
which resembled mine,
and I decided the source of its entropy
while dripping bases,
And there it was.
I fell asleep on the driveway,
and drove to work
the next morning.
Cuteness Overload by orionmystery Safety Instructions“Warning, weak and fragile!”
you labelled me,
because I broke.
“Replace when damaged!”
is your brand of trouble shooting.
You never read half the manual
before (ab)using the product,
otherwise you couldn't have missed this:
Important Safety Instructions
Note: Every human is breakable
without proper care and maintenance.
Caution: Too much pressure can cause mental injury.
Caution: Abrasive words might damage god's product.
Warning! Failure to talk things through can cause electric shock to the heart.
Warning! Persistent ignorance kills!
You didn't even read the signs written all over my face:
Caution, valuable, handle with care!
Discretion by Arayashikinoshaka Beauty is within as it is out by katelynholm Worlds largest Mechanical  Dragon by jonathanleeroy Looking Upwards, Searching for the Sun by Grangerbookworm Gestures of FaithIt seemed surreal, following the hearse to St. Matthews. People continuing with their ordinary lives, with their ordinary days, became blurry under the smear screen of mourning.
Stepping out of the car my heel caught on a stone and I stumbled, falling ungracefully into Simon's mother who was undoing the dainty silver buttons of her long navy coat in preparation to go into the church.
She was too weary to be surprised, it seemed, and the only sign that she was aware of me was her shocked exhale into the stiff February air.
She righted me and we hugged for a long while. Silently acknowledging each other's torture. His father stepped up and placed his worn but kind hand upon my arm.
"It's time" he murmured, the strain in his voice untying the knots with which I held back my agony.
Simon's sleek birch-wood coffin passed through the church doors and people anxiously watched us for a cue, uncertain. I glanced again at my mother-in-law, seeing the emblems of unmistakable maternal grief etched
Owl by ReiraYuuShiroyama Rose of India by nguyenshishi Berries Uncontained by swordedsaint
cannibal snowflakeswatching madmen (and)
eating fresh kills
in the dark
picking the carcass apart
my hands
halves of a euphemism
the raw start of symbolism
hearts unharmed
are poems
--- by StonyStoneIsStoned2 Beckoning Autumn by SmokyPixel Blue-Faced Honey Eater by EOS-Husky flight of the infinite spirit                                              i watched on as she fearlessly
                                              completed her migratory flight for
                                              every summer that lit up and left
                                              effortlessly gliding gloriously over
                                              evanescent evergreens and everests
                                              not minding in the least her cytotoxic
                                              state, she preened and nurtured her
                                              offspring, not wasting a moment in a day
                                              i watched on as she duly completed
                                              her turn in the rudimentary food
                                              chain of life
                                              as she full-heartedly fought
to fortifyI contain within me
a bottomless reservoir
of strength:
a bright white hole, a
spitter-out of light,
a golden cosmic entity.
I blossom and unfurl,
I spread like dandelion seeds,
I make all the ground around me
boundless and wild and
bellwether tearstainssaturnine cooperation;
interwoven like counterfeit -
cherry snake-twine,
ignition of soldiers’ corpses,
donning skirmish-burns and
crucifying olive-berry hangovers;
violent caprices in their
trust for gravity,
rupturing in gore-starved incisors,
skidding on lung tissue,
living in the avid moment,
crushing infant limbs -
integrity that bleeds smoky
on porcelain-wound welts
and eras that cherished scarcity;
and in love with razed partisans -
feast their empathy feeble,
and crash to their knees to die;
doves on limbs of torches shadow
these orphaned starwatchers,
smoldering chrysanthemums
beneath these rasping twilights –
tick-tocks in trivial hunger trials
refine the hostility-bitten snowstorm
as if the gunpowder was only swallowed
last dusk
The Moon SingsWhen the moon sings, stars ride on it's tunes
It brings up the tide and washes the dunes.
It cleans out the soul and brings in the light
That lasts not in day, but burns through the night.
Don't scorn the night for it's dark and glum
"It's evil, it's ugly!" is what people assume.
But have you ever sat on the ground below
Instead of glancing out the shallow window?
The moon sings songs of fun and of peace;
The stars dances in frenzy and in ease;
And it all matters how you dance to the song;
And it matters if you smile, all the night long.
My tribute to the night~

Thumbstyles by SimplySilent | Skin by hypermagical
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